Jeerleading Resources

I've joined the Jeerleaders, now what?

Get your Gear!

Pom Poms

You have a couple options here. You can make your own using garbage bags (unused ones please!) or purchase poms. Please see the resource links below. Our colors are black and silver or black and white

Make your own:

Purchase a pair. We found ours at
Metallic Black & Silver Baton Handle Pom, Style Code: #XMPOM2-S-MBKMSL

Photo copyright Spring Smith Studios

Fishnets / Tights and Socks

We get creative with our leggings whether you want to go with the original fishnet look or sport some bright tights. Current members wear hot pink, green, rainbow, and tie dyed tights and fishnets.

Here's a secret: our I *Heart* RCR socks are actually designed for Rose City Rollers. Don't tell anyone! To us, they say we love Rock Coast Rollers!

You can buy I *Heart* RCR socks online at Sock Dreams: I Love RCR Knee Highs

Photo copyright Courier Publications

I Love RCR Knee Highs
Sock Dreams

Photo copyright Courier Publications

Arm Nets

Again, this is an item you can purchase or make yourself. No suggested vendor for this, find the best deal or get a pair of fish nets and cut them out.

Ninjas love arm nets!

Photo copyright Courier Publications


Pretty simple: black tank or tshirts work. As far as graphics, we are currently adding our own using dark transfer sheets. These are available at the Rockland Staples:
Avery® 3279 Inkjet Dark Fabric Transfer Paper, 8-1/2" x 11"

Click the image on the right to download our logo to make your front transfer. It should be a little less than 8.5 inches in diameter (to fit on letter sized transfer sheets)

Download RCR Jeerleader Logo Transfer
This goes on the Front.

Black Transfer Sheets

As for as your logo, you can design your own or ask Cherry Bomb for assistance. Cherry's email is

If you design your own, the font we use is called Stampede and is available at Stampede Font.

Get the Stampede font from
Your logo goes on the back.


Black is the key word here. Black shorts, skirts (dance friendly), bustles, tutus, leggings, etc. work

The Jeerleaders non-uniform uniforms!

Photo copyright Jesse Stuart