Newest Member!

Photo by Jim Dugan

Photo by Jim Dugan

Our Captain!

Photo by Spring Smith Studios

Beware the flood of her killer moves, and don't get caught unprepared in the wake of this Jeerleader's wrath...

The Deadliest Hooper

Photo by Tim Sullivan

Derby Widow

Photo by Gale Albury

Meeska Mooseka Mouseka-Jeer, Derby Time is almost here

Rock Coast Roller fresh meat and Jeerleader!

Photo by Gale Albury

When all's said and done, don't forget ta Pey the Pip-ah De-ah.

Evil Twin

Photo by Ken Waltz, copyright Courier Publications

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom, I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch CHERRY BOMB!

REALLY Evil Twin

Photo by Mark Haskell, copyright Courier Publications

That ain’t no dump duck she’s followin’. The Falconer can’t get the’ah from he’ah without her trusty companion.

Photo Copyright Jesse Stuart Photography

Home Grown Hahty Spud

Photo by Gale Albury

Pom Pom De Terrible is a home grown hahty spud from right heah in the Midcoast, no need to go upta County!

Photo by Spring Smith Studios

They've tried to get this jeerleader on roller skates, but she says "No, no, no." She ain't got the time, and jeering suits her fine.


Unnofficial Mascot

Photo Copyright Jesse Stuart Photography